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The doors design is very confusing. I think they could look something else and not be this confusing. The puzzles are interesting!

Thanks for the feedback! I would definitely be open to a better design for the doors. The only thing is sprites are limited to 5x5 in Puzzlescript, and I need to have enough of that be empty that the player can see what's under the door (hole or ground) and each door be distinguishable from the door next to I settled on this design, but I would certainly accept an improvement!

I'm fact, it does just now occur to me that perhaps coloring the whole door, not just the knob, would help. I'll file that away for a potential future update 🙂

I think the main confusion goes with the open doors. They are on the side and this makes the main confusion(probably hard to tell where the door will be closed). 

Maybe I can upload image here with other vars. The door var on left, open door on right. Also the opened door has less bright color. +Different button var with only main color. Without the dark color.

Ahh, gotcha, I was focused on the closed doors. Hmm, OK, I'll definitely consider those. :) I might try an "iris" type of a door too... Thanks for the suggestions!